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Best Reading tutor in NJ 

What people from our NJ community are saying about our reading program

 "Your students are so lucky to be working with you!
I am thrilled that you are helping so many children achieve their potential."

~Susan Barton
Founder: Bright Solutions for Dyslexia
Hall of Honor inductee:
International Dyslexia Association


The most common question
we get from our adult students is:


"What if it's not dyslexia...and I'm just stupid...I'm afraid to find out if I'm stupid?"


Stupid people, never question whether they are stupid. :)

~ Jen Slaight

From Students

"I always knew I was dyslexic because reading and spelling have always been a constant challenge.  My biggest anxiety before signing up with Jen was the possibility of finding out I did not have dyslexia which would raise a lifetime of questions.  This program has been extremely beneficial in correcting my bad habits with reading and spelling and Jen is so fun and easy going that she made the learning process less intimidating.  I am definitely a better reader now"

Ocean County, NJ

"Jen has a great philosophy and amazing way of explaining things that make total sense! Reading isn't such a mystery anymore." 

Monmouth County, NJ

"...Why didn't they teach it this way the first time?  Everyone would have found this program useful.  It seems so simple when I see it this way"


"You know, I'm not going to need you much longer!"

"I went up another reading level!"

"I got 100 on my spelling test"

"Guess who made honor roll?"

"I read a real chapter book!"

"My teacher likes the spelling rules"

"It felt great talking with someone who knows what I am going through"

"All I know is that I can see how God is working...I feel blessed even if it's hard but I know there's help...I want better and more for myself. I was so afraid of how people would see me or treat me, that I was only hurting myself and the people that wanted to get close to me. But then there are people like you that make it better. I hope that some day I can help someone, like you are helping me..."

From Parents

From Sandra:

My son Thomas started lessons this past August with Dyslexia Coach, and he is now starting to comprehend what he reads for the first time in his life; and he will be 10 this January.

He recently received a note from his teacher that said, "T. Russo! Great silent reading in DEAR today!"

This is another first for Thomas and It has made him feel good about himself.  Jen has helped Thomas to learn the way he learns. She effortlessly inspires him and we are all incredibly grateful to have found her.

From Lisa:


Working with Jennifer Slaight has truly been the most worthwhile decision I’ve made regarding my daughter’s education and her future success.


I originally found Jennifer through an exhaustive Google search for information on resources for dyslexia within the state of New Jersey.  I read through each and every section of her website and felt very comfortable that Jen understood, with first-hand knowledge, the challenges that my daughter faced AND the learning style that would ultimately meet her needs.  With each line that I read, I grew more confident that her approach and the Orton-Gillingham curriculum would unlock my daughter’s potential.  Eight months into the program I see the robust strides that my daughter has made and understand so much more about her individual learning process.  I remember the despair that I felt when I initially met with Jen.  It has been replaced by a feeling of the sky’s the limit.  It has most certainly been a life-changing experience for our family.


In addition to working with my daughter to build a firm and comprehensive phonetic framework that she will rely on throughout her academic career, Jen’s holistic approach has also helped us as a family navigate resources available in other subject areas as well as tackling testing issues within our school district.


But, no element of the program has given me greater satisfaction than the boost of confidence my daughter has gained along with her emerging literacy.  She is blossoming!!!  Finally, there is someone who understands my child’s specific needs and uses strategies that cater to her unique strengths.



"I wish we found you 8 years ago"

"You really are a success story...it's inspiring to know there really are no limitations from seeing your accomplishments"

"I see improvement already"

"He's reading for fun now...I never thought I'd see that!"

"Her teachers are impressed with her improved reading skills"

"I feel so much better after talking with you"

"What a milestone we had reached.  My son, who refused to read in first grade and who couldn't decode the word "the", now loves books and enjoys reading."

"Jen, the work you do is awesome!"'

"...Jen, I can see why parents hire you...inspiring...thanks for giving kids hope for a bright future."

“Most teachers waste their time by asking questions that are intended to discover what a pupil does not know,

whereas the true art of questioning is to discover what the pupil does know or is capable of knowing.”
—Albert Einstein --- Quoted by Moszkowski in Conversations with Einstein(1920) 65.

Best reading tutor in NJ

Parents daily struggles in dealing with school personnel who don't understand dyslexia...


"Dyslexia is something your child will outgrow...we don't believe it impacts her ability to read and write"


"We are accepting your private independent evaluation that your child has dyslexia but we are not accepting any of the recommendations given in that report"

I have this in writing from a horrific IEP meeting...

"You are not an educator nor have you ever been in a classroom.  I find it disconcerting that you feel you know what your child needs in his classroom"


"She has to be failing for 2 years before we can do anything"


"It's ok to be average...everyone wants to be average"


"You have a very interesting child"
We said, "Great! We want our kids to be interesting"
They said, "But not in a good way"


"She needs to lose 3 teeth before she can read"


"This is a quote from an e-mail from my daughter's 504 plan coordinator.

"The purpose of the 504 plan is
to provide an even playing field for that student considering their disability. It is not designed to help a student reach their potential." 


"...potential doesn't interest them. Making sure they are following the law does...leveling out the playing field is, in most cases, the bare minimum they can get away with"

"C's are perfectly fine considering her disability"


Greatness is measured by what we overcome

Dyslexia and printed words on a page

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