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Writing Workshop 2014
High School Prep

This one week summer course is ideal for 5th through 8th graders who need to improve their writing skills. Written for the dyslexic learner but great for anyone who needs a different approach to improving written expression.

Taught with a creative, mutli-sensory approach that is different from how students are currently instructed at school. 

About Meg:

Meg Wise-Lawrence believes that, while it may not come easy, there is a good writer in all of us. Becoming a good writer is a process that is ultimately liberating because we are discovering clarity.  Everyone learns differently but everyone can learn.

Adjunct Lecturer and Tutor
Forest Hills, NYC




  • Getting ideas on paper
  • Outlining
  • Note Taking
  • Organizational Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Review: grammar, puctuation, fluency
  • Study Skills
  • Use of Assitive Technologies & current Apps
  • Understanding of their unique learning style and how the brain works so the student can independantly optimize their learning style. They will Learn how they LEARN!


Give students the skills needed for successful writing and study skills so they can optimize their high school and college education with better retention of learned material.

August 18 through 22
Monday through Friday

10am to 2pm



July 2014 Writing Class is FULL!

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Meg Wise Lawrence

Adjunct Lecturer at Hunter & City Colleges

Specializing in writing.