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What Happens to Struggling Readers...



What happens to struggling readers who don't get help? 

They are left in classrooms
at every grade level
with their bad spelling,
illegible handwriting
or uncertain reading skills
to get by as best they can.

This was certainly my story!

Students who struggle with reading early on....


WILL struggle when they are adults.

Unsuspecting parents might exhort them to "work harder," or criticize them for "not focusing." Teachers often ascribe their reading or comprehension problems to laziness or lack of intelligence.

These children often develop strategies or subterfuges to help them get by in the classroom.

Without the right interventions, though, many of these "invisible" dyslexics must repeat grades, sometimes multiple times.  Little that is provided in the classroom, summer school or after-school tutoring programs for these students is going to help.  

Those programs simply provide more intensive or individualized versions of classroom instruction that has already not worked.

These students needs a different learning approach.

Can all of these children be helped? 

Yes, and at every grade level.   It is unacceptable to keep writing off generations of students if they are not reading adequately by third grade, as has been the case for too long.

It is also unacceptable that the task of finding and sorting through the available reading interventions is left to the vigilance of parents, leaving out those who cannot marshal the time, money, tenacity and emotional resources to ferret out such programs.

If compulsory education forces children to attend school, shouldn't we guarantee that they are able to participate in what we are compelling them to do...like being accomplished readers?

With so much research, so many solutions, and even federal dollars at hand, legislators and education officials have the opportunity and obligation to move decisively into the 21st century by firstguaranteeing that the nation's schoolchildren have that most basic of skills: the ability to read.

There is systematic discrimination against right-brain dominance, of a sort that would be regarded as outrageous were it directed against skin color rather than neuronal wiring.

Our values are overwhelmingly, crushingly, conditioned by the presumption that it is good to be regular, systematic, ordered and literal. Anything else is diseased, and the diseased want to be cured, don’t they? So dyslexics are compulsorily treated. They have educational therapy forcibly administered to them against their will for years and those programs don't work.

It’s because the educational system, and the world of work beyond it, sees everything from its own left-brain perspective. It will try to turn a holistic dyslexic learner into a linear left-brainer, whether he likes it or not, and regardless of the value of the right-brain stuff.

After all, dyslexic learners with their holistic thinking and right brain dominance, innately have what can't be taught. They can however, enter the left brain world of reading if taught with the right program.  Left brainers aren't that versatile as they can't be taught intuition, holistic thinking, or 3d visualization to name a few.  Yet, we don't support the learning styles of 20% of the global population that are known as dyslexics. 


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